1. Meleghy International Championship – Sport unites, sport forms, sport’s fun

Sep 17, 2016 | in.business

The first “Meleghy International Championship” was a special event without a doubt. Ten teams competed for six hours for the honor to become the first winner of the big challenge cup. The tournament was held under the motto “We are family – come together, laugh together, play together “. First-time host was the plant in Wilnsdorf.

One of the most difficult challenges for the management of a global company is to create a mutual understanding of the respective cultures in the corporate group. “We were looking for a way for employees to get to know each other by having fun with each other, because fun is one of our core values. We discussed about ideas at the management level on how to bring colleagues from around Meleghy International organization together. Although we have a lot of trainings and individual meetings of department members from the central areas, but we do not reach our employees in the production departments with this. But here exists a big interest and desire of many colleagues, to get to know other plants of Meleghy International world, “said Dr. Werle, CEO of Meleghy International.

The idea behind the tournament was the interpersonal interaction that is behind every sport. Sport unites, sport forms, sport’s fun. “In our business we have to function as a team, just like in sport. Our company is too complex for a loner. One person alone can not take action and responsibility for large projects. We need strong teams with players who take risks, who communicate with their peers, respect their partners and help them when help is needed, “said Dr. Werle.

We are pleased with the success and the total fair way of cooperation during the games. The opportunity to learn more about the cultures and colleagues in the other plants, was used extensively. The success and the positive feedback confirm us on holding this tournament annually.


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