Automobile cluster Eastern Germany heads strengthened into the future

Dec 5, 2016 |

Dr. Thomas Werle from Meleghy International is now a member on the executive board of ACOD e.V.

At the members’ general meeting of ACOD’s e.V. on November 11, 2016 at the transparent factory, Dr. Thomas Werle (Managing Partner of Meleghy International) was elected into the executive board of ACOD e.V.

Dr. Werle immediately takes over the role and the tasks of Hans Große, who retired from his position as managing partner for reasons of age. So far, he represented the interests of the automotive supplier industries. Meleghy International expressed its deep gratitude to him and the ACOD e.V. Hans Große remains preserved as a consultant at Meleghy International.

The Automotive Cluster Ostdeutschland GmbH (ACOD e.V.) was founded in 2006. In close corporation with the state initiatives from the Eastern Germany federal states, they are jointly aiming the objective of a sustainable support for the automotive- and automotive supplier industries. The networking of the companies, service provider, research institutes, associations, clubs and initiatives, who are acting in Eastern Germany within the automotive sector have one common aim: improving their innovation power and added value and by this way enhancing the positive development in Eastern Germany.

A strategy process was started during the general meeting. Its aim is defining the focus and future work of the network for the following years. Relating to this, the chairman of the ACOD, Hans-Peter Kemser, called attention to the key topics. The focus lays on the increased digitalization, electric mobility as well as the support of the employees within the transformation process, heading to the new requirements of the working environment.

With more than 10 years of successful work, it was a good opportunity for a small celebration and an anniversary speech, given by Klaus Bräunig, managing director of the VDA. He appreciated the good corporation. Mr. Bräunig gave a report about current trends and challenges in the automotive industry and explicitly emphasized the importance of the ACOD’s work and the cooperative partnership of both institutions. By realizing those complementary but not competitive goals, both ACOD and VDA give a contribution for the development of the automotive sector.


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